UV Photography

The first shot shows how UV light damages the skin, in the second shot sunscreen was applied and shows how it protects the skin.

These images were created using a UV light box and a silver reflector, with the subject in-between. The room was dark and I used a modified UV camera, where the filter was removed from the sensor so that the UV light could pass through. 

PinHole Photography

My experiment with Digital Pinhole photography.

What is digital pinhole photography? Well I'm glad you asked.......

Its a camera without a lens with a single small aperture. The body cap has a pinhole in the centre of it, when attached to the camera it acts like a light proof box with a small hole inside. The images are usually soft and taken on a long exposure.

I took these images at St Kilda beach on fathers day. The shots were taken early afternoon in full sun on a tripod. I was quite happy with the sharpness and colour of the images. I did basic adjustments on photoshop.